Terms and Condition
  • Tickets once purchased cannot be cancelled, exchanged or refunded.
  • To collect your tickets from the Cine De Chef Box Office, it is mandatory to be a member of comfort card. All the transactions in Cine de Chef are made via Comfort Card, including online booking.
  • To book tickets online, one must register as a member of Cine de Chef and use the provided membership number to make the booking via phone or Internet.
  • Tickets purchased for a particular multiplex are valid for that multiplex only.
  • Children below the age of 18 cannot be admitted for movies certified 'A'.
  • Please carry proof of age for movies certified 'A'.
  • Please purchase tickets for children above the age of 3.
  • To counter unforeseen delays, please collect your tickets one hour before the show time.
  • Outside food and beverages are not allowed inside the cinema premises.
  • A convenience fee per ticket may be levied on all tickets booked online.
  • Ticket holders are required to abide by the policies laid down by the Cine De Chef Management.
  • Entry is allowed only for valid ticket holders.
  • In case a ticket is lost or misplaced, a duplicate ticket cannot be issued.
  • The holder of a physical ticket is deemed to be the owner of the ticket.
  • Decision(s) taken by Cine De Chef shall be final and binding.
  • Rights of admission reserved.
In house rules and regulation for the visitors of cinema
The following is strictly forbidden inside the premises of cinema complex:
  • Taking along food and drinks purchased outside the cinema area
  • Carrying knives, firearms and other weapons
  • No plastic bags are allowed inside the premises.
  • Taking along large gym bags and other large objects that will restrict other people’s movements between the rows, thus causing hazardous situations during possible evacuations.
In the cinema:
  • The customer must have a valid cinema ticket at all the times while attending the screening.
  • The cinema ticket is valid for one person and only for the screening indicated on the ticket
  • It is forbidden to disturb other customers and ruin the cinema experience for others,
  • Using cell phone is prohibited inside the movie theater. Patrons are requested to exit the auditorium to attend phone calls.
  • It is forbidden to deliberately damage or destroy the property of the cinema, including putting one’s feet on the cinema seats.
  • Any behavior as deemed uncooperative or obnoxious by the Cine de Chef staff will result into immediate exit from the multiplex premises without any refund.
After exiting the cinema halls:
  • The visitors will exit the building through the doors situated near the screen and marked as exit.
  • The visitors are not allowed back to the lobby area after the end of the screening
  • Please return 3D glasses to cinema staff after the show to collect your deposits, if made.
  • For damages caused to property of Cine de Chef by visitors a penalty will be charged as per the situation.
The cinema has the right:
  • To ask for an I.D. of a ticket buyer in case the movie rating has established a certain age limit of to determine whether the buyer is eligible for a discount ticket
  • Not to sell cinema tickets to persons whose age is under the limit established by the movie rating. This will include instances when they are accompanied by an adult
  • Not to sell cinema tickets to persons who are visibly intoxicated and/or cause public disturbance
  • Not to sell cinema tickets to persons who are not sufficiently dressed or who have serious hygiene problems
  • To eject those who have made a disturbance and violated the in-house rules and regulations from the cinema without compensating the cinema ticket. In case of a more serious indicate, the violator will be handed over to the police
  • To confiscate the ticket and eject from the cinema the person who tries to embezzle the cinema operator
  • To decline from selling cinema ticket to persons who have previously violated the in-house rules and regulations or who have been caught at embezzlement attempts
  • To allow children up to age of 3 (incl.) into the screening of family films without the price of admission assuming that the child will sit on the lap of a parent or a guarding during the entire screening (only persons with adult ticket)
  • To check suspicious items and etc.
  • In case of damage or loss of 3D glasses – penalty will be levied at the cost of Rs. 200 for passive glasses and Rs. 5000 for active glasses.